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The Sorcerer's Key The Sorcerer's Key

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It is good you know how to draw, and your story is simple and nice.
However, in terms of graphic design and film, you might want to study the forms.

For instance, with graphic design. You could have used another line color than black. Though you will see crudely drawn animations at the top of the lists, they usually have refined color schemes or crafted line weights, and are not as random as they may seem.

In terms of film, you only use wide angles, and generally no motion, except lips, one head move, and one arm rotate. If you investigate the portal, you will see that comprehensive motion is at the center of good animation. That does not mean gratuitous motion, but motion, where even one line is moving, the entire piece seems to move against it.

You would greatly benefit from reading "The 12 Basic Principles Of Animation" on Wikipedia-which should start you with tons of good techniques to develop before again developing and submitting content here or elsewhere.

Cookie Jar Gone Wrong Cookie Jar Gone Wrong

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cookie Sensor

This was an excellent flash, but I don't know why the profanity couldn't be left out. It appeared strong enough without it by sheer humorous nature.

Great Humor, anyways. Thanks for uploading.

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The Blue Line The Blue Line

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Substance

There are some real nice drawings and elements in this flash, artist or not.
Drama, which can simply be quicker transitions, or flashes at each entry,would entertain and provide an easier spirit to accept this work.

There is no reason why a nice sequential drawing can't be good flash. Add some esteem to this production and re-submit, by all means. And music is'nt a burden, it's just a established courtesy to accentuate absorption with viewing of such content, since the dawn of time.

Good drawings, promising flash.
Thanks for Posting this version

Dx6 responds:

Thanks, I may look forward on re-submitting it some day, or make another contest, perhaps on NG this time. And also thanks for being constructive.

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Naked Man Naked Man

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

We play video games for the fun and the endings. I think the thrill of it made it worth finishing. No need to judge a game if it's all about play. Alas, it definitely keeps you playing and that's the most important of all...

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Dfragmente Dfragmente

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun, but definitely buggy.
Thanks for the games, I did have the screen cut off, but eventually figured it out. I am sure it would arrive higher without the bugs, but it is does fit the mold of a good game. I would also state that it is playing it safe, with standard difficulty and obstacles. Competing with existing games in this genre, it would be very damaged by the bugs, but more successful based on good theme, music, control, and character likeability.

Definitely test more next time. But good job at getting quality in your work. {Y}

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hexdie responds:

Thank you! I realized the screen cut off/camera not following the player has to do with browser zoom + flash, which is out of my control. I'm curious what other bugs you found, because as far as I'm aware there aren't too many. One person reported that a disk didn't appear one playthrough, which is a serious bug. Some of the "bugs" that have been reported are intentional aspects of the game. I play tested it bunch myself as well as with a number of other people. What bugs did you find?

Virus Wars: Beginning Virus Wars: Beginning

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is an awesome game. It's simple and easy. The multi-select makes gameplay extreme and almost arcade like in simplicity.

I do have a few notes. While the speed and strength do an awesome job of upgrading and display, the reproduction and defense seem to do almost nothing. After maxing out, I find truly how unimportant both were at all. The reproduction is a bit of a mystery as some cells cause more than other. I have never seen a defense or improved reproductivity, but I know it's in there somewhere...

And final note: what's with Newgrounds windows? When I click drag the window starts to scroll, and how in the world can I concentrate on the gameplay during this madness. The controls though awesome seem to glitch at time where my mouse over it has no effect.

It's a great game, besides that. I'd be interested for the next, and when interface gets to the next level. Wait a go!